Our Focus

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to our core values. We recognize the value diversity brings both to our personal experiences in the workplace and to the quality and strength of the advice we bring to our clients.


Fast-evolving technologies have created the ability to collect, analyze, and communicate essentially unlimited amounts of information—instantaneously.

Performance Improvement

We bring our when it really matters mindset, honed in urgent situations, to the critical decisions and thorny performance issues that all companies must confront.


Litigation. Regulation. Transactions. These business realities require preparation, clarity, and experienced professionals

Manpower Solution Outsourcing

Our MSO service covers all levels of expertise in the industry including non-technical and management staffing for permanent and short-term employment

Software Solutions

We believe that “in depth knowledge of business processes,” “advanced technological capabilities,” and “the control process that ensures maximum achievement of the objectives of the measures” are the three greatest keys to success. Our seasoned staff will make full use of the best practices, which have been proven through results for each objective, and provide powerful support to allow your company’ s strategies to take shape.

Finance Management Control

While emphasizing the balance between controls and efficiency, offers a comprehensive range of services, the scope of which includes accounting, finance and enterprise management, supporting transformation of the accounting/finance division toward achieving the most suitable operational structure.

About Us

AWS has been helping businesses respond to challenges when everything is on the line – from urgent performance improvement to complex restructuring, from risk mitigation to accelerated transformation. Each project is different, but they all have one thing in common – a need for decisive, informed, and often urgent action. And because that need is at the heart of everything we do, it has come to shape every aspect of our business. The way we work – with our clients, as well as each other – is as much a part of who we are as what we actually do. It’s what makes us different – and the partner of choice for some of the world’s most successful as well as some of the most challenged companies, when it really matters.

Experience from the start

We recruit the most highly qualified professionals in the business from a wide range of backgrounds, so when we take on a project, we bring diverse ideas and knowledge as well as specific industry experience and functional expertise to the table. But if we feel we can’t make a difference, or if we think there are other advisors who might be a better fit for what you need, we’ll say so up front. We’ll even point you in the right direction. We won’t just tell you what we think you want to hear – as trusted advisors to companies, business leaders, owners and boards, candor is one of our greatest assets.

A committed relationship

We measure our success in real terms – by the results we deliver, not just the advice we give. So unlike many consultancies, we don’t make recommendations and walk away – we stick around until the job is done. We’re accountable for a practical, sustainable outcome designed not just to help you succeed today, but to leave you ready to build on that success in future – when it really matters.

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